Digital Sales Internship at amazing startup environment

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Paskelbta: 2021 - 02 - 03

Galioja: 2021 - 05 - 01

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Praktikos trukmė: 12 savaitės

Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius
Telefonas: +3706 9387984

Praktikos aprašymas

We are looking for Digital Sales Star to join WE-SEL project created by Book Lovers. We don't care much about your credentials, we care more about your personality, passion for sales, and work ethic! A sense of humour would add a bonus too :) Here at BL we have boss-less organizational structure so our team is autonomous, responsible, and proactive in doing its best for our customers! We strive to make the world a bit better, both personally and through our work. Find out more about WE-SEL here:

Praktikos planas

Užduotis Atsakomybės lygis Detalizavimas / rezultatai
Stebėjimas Asistavimas Savarankiškas darbas
Selling items using social media channels
Diving deeper into international sales market (Ebay, Amazon and others)
Looking for partnerships (B2B sector)