Make Up Artist Internship

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Paskelbta: 2021 - 09 - 13

Galioja: 2021 - 12 - 31

Praktikos trukmė: 12 savaitės

Praktikos aprašymas

Bored Panda Studios is among the biggest YouTube and Facebook video producers and publishers globally and owns one of the main DIY channels (Crafty Panda) on YouTube with more than 18M subscribers around the world. Bored Panda Studios has the biggest TikTok account in Lithuania, 300M monthly video views on YouTube, and over 2 billion on Facebook. This time, we are looking for a proactive, ambitious, and hard-working Make up Artist Intern to join our team for at least two months or even more in our office in Vilnius. We are offering full-time or part-time internships!

Praktikos planas

Užduotis Atsakomybės lygis Detalizavimas / rezultatai
Stebėjimas Asistavimas Savarankiškas darbas
Apply makeup on our actors
Be the helper of actors, production crew, producers and directors
Maintain a clean and orderly makeup station