DevOps internship

Humanitariniai mokslai 201 peržiūrėjo

Paskelbta: 2022 - 11 - 25

Galioja: 2023 - 01 - 31

Pageidaujamas bakalauro kursas: 4 , 5

Pageidaujamas magistro kursas: 1 , 2

Praktikos trukmė: 10 savaitės

Lvivo g. 25-104
Telefonas: +37068313405

Praktikos aprašymas

GOOD TO KNOW: *Duration of the internship: 2 months. *Start date: December/January (we’d agree on a suitable date). *Place: Hybrid working model. *Working time: full-time (40 h/week), flexible working hours to coordinate internship and studies. *The third-party agreement is possible but not mandatory. *We offer a PAID internship.

Praktikos planas

Užduotis Atsakomybės lygis Detalizavimas / rezultatai
Stebėjimas Asistavimas Savarankiškas darbas
Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in such fields: “Infrastructure-as-code”, “Continuous delivery”, “Deployment automation”.
Practice how to design and execute automated software and infrastructure deployments.
Begin to master automation tools used by DevOps: Azure devops, Azure.
Learn about other essential topics such as “Infrastructure-security”, ”Infrastructure redundancy”, “Configuration Management”, “VersionControl” from the professionals in the field.
Learn other essential skills such as Agile, security, GIT, etc. from the professionals in the field.
Have a personal mentor to guide and support You.
Acquire the experience remotely and get a chance to be offered the job between Visma Geeks.

Reikalavimai praktikanto kvalifikacijai

*Requirements are listed down below.
  • You are committed to becoming a professional in software security, reliability, and automated deployment.
  • You are interested in the DevOps field and have basic cross-platform scripting language (Powershell, Bash) skills.
  • Have good verbal and written English skills.
  • Apply to the internship.
  • Successfully complete the home assignment and video interview.
  • Become one of our students!
  • Any questions? Feel free to contact us at
  • We will only contact selected candidates.
  • Visma Tech has what a progressive person needs: highly skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do, Scandinavian bureaucracy-free work culture, and much more. We value people who influence significant changes and take charge. Visma Tech is a company of discovery, a place where people