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Elite WordPress+Shopify Agency. Where the Excellent Web Pages Are Born. Epic - Wild - Pretty. Electric - Wired - Professional. Experienced, well-educated experts with a university degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology fields. A team, that focused to web technologies in 2006 and already have over a decade of experience on building websites, solving cyber-security issues, fighting DoS and DDoS attacks, creating site-guard systems, hi-end OOP S.O.L.I.D. MVC-based WordPress plugins, and scaling the IT-related businesses – startups and medium-sized corporations. Team members are experienced professionals, which worked in: - Engineering roles – Senior Developer’s, Full-Stack Developer’s, Lead Developer’s, Database Architect’s, Software Architect’s, Server Administrator’s. - Technical, executive roles – CSO’s (Chief Security Officer’s), CIO’s (Chief Infrastructure Officer), COO’s (Chief Operations Officer’s), CTO’s (Chief Technology Officer’s) and CEO (Chief Executive Officer’s) roles, that drove a startup in Silicon Valley from $ 1M to $ 16M investment and grown it up to 1 million website views/day.